Month: June 2015

Lalabu baby soothe shirt – Giveaway!!

From the very beginning Carlota has constantly wanted to be in our arms.  This definitely melts my heart and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it also makes it very challenging to get anything done.  Whether it’s at home or on walks, she doesn’t last very long in her rocker or stroller.  When I discovered the soothe shirt I knew this was a must for Carlota and I.

The Lalabu soothe shirt is a nursing tank top with a kangaroo pouch to hold your baby close to your heart.  How genius is this!!  I can walk around keeping Carlota close to me and have my hands free to run errands, eat, do chores etc..  It is so simple, a part of your outfit without having to mess around with wraps and slings.  You can also nurse your baby while they are in the pouch.  This is the perfect gift for any expecting mama.

The soothe shirt was inspired by Lalabu, a mother in Africa, and 2% of all proceeds are donated to moms in Africa.  I love supporting growing companies especially when they are from mommy entrepreneurs.  I have teamed up with Keri, the founder of Lalabu baby, to give one of my readers a lalabu soothe shirt of their own.


To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

1)  Comment below and let me know how old your little one is or when you are due.

2) For an additional entry you can follow my blog by email or on bloglovin etc..  let me know in your comment that you have done that

3) For a 3rd entry follow me @withloveandrea and @lalabubaby on Instagram and follow the instructions posted there.

Your chance to enter starts today June 29th and will close Friday July 3rd at midnight PST.


**The winner was randomly selected and is @kyrsteen_web from an instagram entry**


Summer white

My closet has always consisted of a lot of black and neutrals.  Lately I have been veering towards white.  I love wearing this light and breezy color in the summer.  Something about an all white look makes you feel put together and polished without having the harshness of all black.

This shirt dress has been a staple in my wardrobe for years.  It never goes out of style.  I love investing in simple classic pieces that can be used for years.  These kind of pieces are great wardrobe must haves because you can constantly change your look by pairing them with different accessories and shoes.  The best part is that I have worn this dress pre-pregnancy, during and now postpartum.  It works perfectly with my weight gain and loss.

I chose to keep this look neutral for a day in Palm Springs with my gladiators and fedora.  Gladiators are this summers IT sandals and you can find them everywhere and in every color.  I love these Rebecca Minkoff’s.  They are similar to the Valentino Rockstuds but with a more reasonable price tag.
FullSizeRender-8 IMG_7837FullSizeRender-9FullSizeRender-10

Dress:  Old  (Similar here and here)

Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff

Hat: Revolve  (Similar here)

Sunglasses:  Ray-ban



Cover me Poncho Giveaway

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to breastfeed Carlota.  Throughout my pregnancy I kept hearing how much of a challenge it can be, especially for first time moms.  I read about problems getting the baby to latch correctly, not enough milk supply, nipple pain etc..  I even took a class in my third trimester to get myself prepared.   When I started nursing Carlota we quickly fell into our rhythm and routine, until we started venturing out into the real world.  No one mentions the challenges of feeding when you are out of the confines of your home.  Newborns feed ALL THE TIME!!  In my classes they mentioned nursing your baby 6-8 times daily….that was an understatement for us.  Carlota feeds every 1.5-2 hrs.  I needed to get comfortable nursing in public and quickly.  Initially this was something that would stress me out or make me feel nervous.  I am so thankful for products such as Cover me Ponchos which have helped make breastfeeding in public simple and convenient.

I keep my poncho with me at all times. This way I don’t have to worry if my outfit of the day is breastfeeding friendly.  I just plop on my poncho and I’m always good to go.  The best part about it, is that it’s very versatile.  It can be worn as a maternity/postpartum cover, scarf, used as a blanket for the baby and my other favorite use is as a car seat cover.

Most of the time when Carlota’s in the stroller, she’s in her car seat.  The poncho acts like the perfect cover.  I prefer it to a blanket or swaddle because it doesn’t fly off when you hit a gust of wind, and with the opening on the top, you have easy access to keep an eye on your little one.

I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Mariah from Cover me Ponchos to give one lucky reader a poncho of their choice.  For those of you that don’t win we will give you 10% off your purchase with code: Andrea

IMG_7810 IMG_7817FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-6

To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

1)  Comment below and let me know which color you would like to win.

2) For an additional entry you can follow my blog by email or on bloglovin etc..  let me know in your comment that you have done that

3) For a 3rd entry follow me @withloveandrea and @covermeponcho on Instagram and follow the instructions posted there.

Your chance to enter starts today June 15th and will close Friday June 19th at midnight PST.


 The winner was randomly selected and is Kristen.  Please email me to claim your prize.  Thank you to all who entered!!


Spring Florals

Lately I have been all about spring and summer dresses.  I rarely wore dresses before pregnancy, but I’ve rediscovered my love for them.  I’m still struggling to loose my pregnancy weight and I’m refusing to buy new jeans or shorts at this moment.  Dresses on the other hand are my go-to.  I feel confident while wearing them, and I’m assuming they will still fit once I shed more of the weight.  This post-pregnancy weight loss is tough.  Since the first month my weight has been stagnant, but  I’m hoping to see some changes in the next upcoming months.

This dress was an old purchase.  I love that it’s loose and flowy in all the right places.  It’s a simple beach style piece but paired with the right accessories you can change the look completely.  I added a fedora and wedges to give this look an edgy vibe.  When I wear a bold piece such as a hat, I keep the rest of my accessories simple.  I like to keep it simple. 
IMG_7770IMG_7349IMG_7777 FullSizeRender-5

Dress:  Brandy Melville old (Love this and this)

Cardigan:  Michael Kors old  //

Sandals:  Celine  //

Hat: Lack of Colors //


Our first 2 Months with Carlota

Our first month with baby Carlota was like a whirlwind.  In a blink of an eye it was over.  My husband and I felt like zombies the first couple of weeks.  With the lack of sleep, constant worrying, and entertaining of family and friends I almost can’t remember much.  Carlota would nap multiple times daily the first month but refused to go to bed at night.  There were a few nights where all she wanted was to be nursed.  This lasted from 10 pm until 3 or 4 in the morning….we called this her Monster Phase!! Just when we thought she was sleeping and we tried to put her down from our arms the waterworks went off, and the whole process started again.  How was she such an angel all day….and such a monster at night!!  Thankfully this only lasted a few weeks and after the first month there was more consistency at nighttime.

We loved getting out of the house and going for walks, especially when carried in the wrap.  Carlota really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents who were here visiting.  Constant snuggling for this cutie pie.


2 Months copyCarlota has grown so much from month 1.  She is much more alert and constantly scanning her surroundings.  When we go on walks she loves to look out and take everything in.  She is starting to have more control and holding her head up on her own.

We started our Mommy and Me class and met some new friends.  Carlota is already such a social butterfly and busy lady.  We have had a few play dates, one of which was going to see our first movie together in the theaters (Pitch Perfect 2).  Who knew family matinee shows existed?  It was such a fun experience.  Carlota ate and slept through most of the movie, but watched the parts she thought were important.  We had our first road trip to Palm Springs.  Carlota is not a fan of the car or her car seat and definitely let us know.  There were multiple poopies, and feedings…and with Memorial Day traffic it felt like an eternity to get to our destination.  Once we were there it was a great family vacation.

This month Carlota has definitely started to recognize us.  She smiles more when we speak to her, and wants to constantly be in our arms.  This is especially true during the witching hours.  Secretly I don’t mind and want to forever keep her a mama’s girl.  Our little bean is growing up so fast, I’m trying my hardest to soak it all in.


Hat:  Infanteenie Beenie //


First week back to work

During my younger years, when summer vacation was over and it was time to go back to school I always had mixed emotions.  I was partly excited to see my friends and classmates and to see what the new year would bring, but I was also sad that my carefree summer days were over.  Going back to work this week brought back similar feelings.

I must say I love what I do, and feel such a satisfaction helping people through dentistry.  I’ve invested many years (9 to be exact) in schooling and specialty training in my field, but it has been a passion of mine for longer than that.  A part of me was itching to go back and get into my groove.  I feel alive when I’m working on a big case and giving someone a smile they have always dreamed of.  The other part of me….the new part of me, is a wreck leaving my little bean.

I’ve never understood the love a mother has for her child until Carlota was born.  I’ve always known my parents love me and would do anything for me, but I just never realized how deep that love truly is.  I could sit for hours just staring at her and feel completely fulfilled (for someone who can never sit still, this is CRAZY talk!!)  Thankfully for my sanity I am going back part-time for the time being.  Three days a week.  Carlota has started Daycare and is such a champ.  Her teachers say she is adjusting perfectly.  She is taking the bottle, sleeping in her crib, and making friends.  I know she is in great hands but thinking of her spending such long hours without me makes me so heartbroken.  Today we have the day together and I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to soak up every second.  I guess the time apart has really made me realize to stop and cherish all the precious moments we have together.  I’m sure this transition will get easier….at least I hope so.

What have been your experiences with going back to work or not post baby??

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-6 IMG_2056

Dress:  BUMPstyle box Tees by Tina //

Jacket: BB Dakota (Similar here and here)

Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff