Our first 2 Months with Carlota

Our first month with baby Carlota was like a whirlwind.  In a blink of an eye it was over.  My husband and I felt like zombies the first couple of weeks.  With the lack of sleep, constant worrying, and entertaining of family and friends I almost can’t remember much.  Carlota would nap multiple times daily the first month but refused to go to bed at night.  There were a few nights where all she wanted was to be nursed.  This lasted from 10 pm until 3 or 4 in the morning….we called this her Monster Phase!! Just when we thought she was sleeping and we tried to put her down from our arms the waterworks went off, and the whole process started again.  How was she such an angel all day….and such a monster at night!!  Thankfully this only lasted a few weeks and after the first month there was more consistency at nighttime.

We loved getting out of the house and going for walks, especially when carried in the wrap.  Carlota really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents who were here visiting.  Constant snuggling for this cutie pie.


2 Months copyCarlota has grown so much from month 1.  She is much more alert and constantly scanning her surroundings.  When we go on walks she loves to look out and take everything in.  She is starting to have more control and holding her head up on her own.

We started our Mommy and Me class and met some new friends.  Carlota is already such a social butterfly and busy lady.  We have had a few play dates, one of which was going to see our first movie together in the theaters (Pitch Perfect 2).  Who knew family matinee shows existed?  It was such a fun experience.  Carlota ate and slept through most of the movie, but watched the parts she thought were important.  We had our first road trip to Palm Springs.  Carlota is not a fan of the car or her car seat and definitely let us know.  There were multiple poopies, and feedings…and with Memorial Day traffic it felt like an eternity to get to our destination.  Once we were there it was a great family vacation.

This month Carlota has definitely started to recognize us.  She smiles more when we speak to her, and wants to constantly be in our arms.  This is especially true during the witching hours.  Secretly I don’t mind and want to forever keep her a mama’s girl.  Our little bean is growing up so fast, I’m trying my hardest to soak it all in.


Hat:  Infanteenie Beenie //



  1. andrea, she is absolutely beautiful. she looks a lot like you. growing well, she’s a tall girl! what an awesome feeling it must be to have her truly smiling at you and your husband. we just can’t wait for that.
    p.s. – love the pouty lip hahaha. is it terrible my husband and i think it’s cute when maeve cries? her pouty faces are just too much.
    looking forward to updates on carlota 🙂


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