Month: August 2015

A day in the canals

I adore LA for its diversity and get excited when we venture into areas we don’t frequent very often.  The Venice Canals are one of those beautiful places.  It’s such a gorgeous tranquil area nestled in the city.  A perfect spot to visit on a day with my babe.  Since Carlota has passed her 4 month leap she is a whole new baby.  She enjoys going on walks and finally is a happy girl when in her stroller.  I love exploring new neighborhoods with her, and watching as she takes in the world around her.  I can’t wait until Carlota is old enough for me to show her this blog and the journeys we have taken together.

One of my favorite summer pieces has been this floral kimono from Shop Pink Blush.  I love the soft and airy feel it gives any outfit.  I usually pair it with a simple white tee and jeans.  Adding it to my usual mom uniform makes me feel little more glamorous.  It’s such a versatile piece. I’ve used it as a beach coverup, worn it for a day in the park, a night out with the girls etc..
2015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_0312015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_0362015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_0342015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_032 2015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_0302015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_035

Photography by:  Audra Arbas

Floral Kimono:  Shop Pink Blush //

Dress:  Top Shop (old) (Similar here and here) //

Sandals:  Rebecca Minkoff //

Clutch:  Clare Vivier

Carlota’s Outfit

Onesie:  Old Navy //

Romper:  Childhoods //


Summer Palette

I can’t believe the summer is almost over.  Carlota will be 5 months in less than a week and the Pumpkin Spiced latte will be hitting Starbucks in no time.  Eeeekkk….time needs to slow down!  As much as I’m excited for the cooler weather and my favorite season for fashion, I’m trying to live up the last few days of summer and bright colors.

Labor Day is quickly approaching and I’m not going to put these white jeans on hold until next Spring.  I’m loving that white is no longer only a summer color but its being worn all season long.  I’m obsessed with an all white look.  Its clean, simple and fresh.  The best part is that it goes with EVERYTHING.

This summer was all about pops of color for me.  I don’t dress very colorfully but I do love to have bright accessories.  I have found that certain colors compliment me better than others and tend to stick with them.  For me, pink, blue and red are the colors of choice.  By sticking to a few colors you can get accessories that match without having to buy one of everything in all colors of the rainbow.   I love how my royal blue accessories pop with this look.
750A00732015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_004 2015_08_16_Venice Fashion Shoot_Print_006750A0062

Photography by Audra Arbas

Shirt:  Gap //

Jeans: J Brand //

Sunglasses:  Ray-ban //

Clutch: Clare V (on sale here) //

Espadrilles:  Aquazzura //



My baby girl is growing up so quickly.  I feel like I blinked and she’s no longer a newborn.  Just yesterday this girl was just content sleeping, eating and laying in my arms.  Now this little angel is just soaking up her surroundings.  She loves going on walks.  Her eyes are so wide as she’s looking all around observing and taking it all in.  She’s grasping my hands and her toys and she’s exploring my face whenever I get close.

Once of the big milestones Carlota has recently achieved is rolling over.  She moved from back to side quite early and recently she’s been doing the full back to tummy, and tummy to back.  It seems like whenever I put her on her back and walk away for a second, she’s in full tummy time mode when I return.  With this new milestone Carlota can no longer be swaddled to sleep. To make this  transition easier we are using the Just Born Wear-a-blanket.  It’s perfect because her arms are free but her legs at still semi-swaddled.  The first couple of naps were an adjustment for her but after just a week she is back to her regular sleeping schedule.

The Sleep sack is a safer alternative to loose blankets in the crib. This model has air vents on the side for temperature control, a comforting tummy wrap and a zipper that makes late-night changes a snap.

FullSizeRender-14FullSizeRender-15 FullSizeRender-18

Sleep Sack:  Just Born //

Onesie:  Old Navy //


Shabby Apple

Being a new mom, I rarely get to dress up. Lately wearing anything other than leggings is a good day.   Having occasional days where I can feel feminine and sexy are important.  I’m trying to find the balance of taking care of baby girl but also of myself and the hubs.  This is one of my favorite looks of the year because it was an opportunity for me to go glam.

Like every other 20 or 30 something year old I’ve always been a huge fan of Sex in the City.  I admired Carrie Bradshaw and her sense of style.  I always craved to be as adventurous as her in regards to her fashion choices.  (And who wouldn’t want her shoe collection!)  As soon as I came across Shabby Apple and their tulle skirts I knew this was my chance to have my Carrie Bradshaw moment.

I love the femininity of the midi length and the delicate nature of the tulle layers.  If I could wear it daily…I would.  Initially I was going to pair the skirt with a lace or crop top, and keep the look very elegant.  The more I thought about it I realized I needed to put my twist on the skirt.  I decided to pair it with an edgier top to give the look some contrast.  As a new mom, I’m all about wearing a simple tee. Adding pumps and my Classic flap bag kept a sofistication to the look, and it was perfect for a night on the town.

FullSizeRender-12 FullSizeRender-13 IMG_8301FullSizeRender

Skirt:  Shabby Apple //

Shirt:  Forever 21 (Similar here, and  here) //

Shoes:  Jimmy Choo (Similar here, here) //


Months 3 and 4 with Carlota

How is Carlota already 4 months old?  Time needs to slow down..this girl is going to be headed to school in a blink of an eye.

Month 3

Carlota is constantly moving around and exploring the use of her limbs.  She doesn’t understand the concept of sitting still.  She started daycare 3 days a week and has adapted very well.  She made her first painting for us, and gets along well with her classmates and teachers.  She loves being swaddled for her naps and looking at herself in the mirror.  She is starting to learn how to roll over.  When she’s on her back she likes to roll onto her side, especially when there is a toy in her vicinity.  She is finally starting to take notice of her toys and Pinxo (our Boston Terrier).

We took Carlota to get her ears pierced.  She did so great! There were a couple of tears but as soon as she was comforted she calmed down and was back to her smiley self.  Carlota also had her first swimming lessons or introduction to the water.  This requires its own blog post since it was so magical and special for us.  She loved the water and floated with me just holding her head above the water,  She has also started loving bath time and post bath baby massage.


Sleeper:  Little Citizens

 Month 4

4 months copy 2

You can definitely tell that Carlota is undergoing her 4 month leap/growth spurt.  She is becoming more of a little girl and less of a newborn.  As much as I’m loving watching her grow and conquer all these milestones it makes me sentimental to think my baby won’t be my little baby forever.

Carlota has finally perfected the roll over and likes to do it all the time.  She won’t stay laying on her back for long, and quickly moves to her favorite tummy time position.  She is much more able to amuse herself on her play mat and with her toys.  This also means that she has graduated from sleeping all swaddled up to using her sleep sack.  She is still working on mastering this transition.

She loves chewing on our fingers and toys.  She is in full teething mode already.  Carlota is starting to be interested in what we are eating and drinking.  She loves to talk to us and complain and make bubbles.  She still hates the car and car seat, but has started to like the stroller.

Thankfully Carlota is still a mama’s girl….I’m hoping to keep that up forever!!

thumb_IMG_8060_1024 thumb_IMG_8061_1024 thumb_IMG_8064_1024

Romper:  Old Navy