Months 3 and 4 with Carlota

How is Carlota already 4 months old?  Time needs to slow down..this girl is going to be headed to school in a blink of an eye.

Month 3

Carlota is constantly moving around and exploring the use of her limbs.  She doesn’t understand the concept of sitting still.  She started daycare 3 days a week and has adapted very well.  She made her first painting for us, and gets along well with her classmates and teachers.  She loves being swaddled for her naps and looking at herself in the mirror.  She is starting to learn how to roll over.  When she’s on her back she likes to roll onto her side, especially when there is a toy in her vicinity.  She is finally starting to take notice of her toys and Pinxo (our Boston Terrier).

We took Carlota to get her ears pierced.  She did so great! There were a couple of tears but as soon as she was comforted she calmed down and was back to her smiley self.  Carlota also had her first swimming lessons or introduction to the water.  This requires its own blog post since it was so magical and special for us.  She loved the water and floated with me just holding her head above the water,  She has also started loving bath time and post bath baby massage.


Sleeper:  Little Citizens

 Month 4

4 months copy 2

You can definitely tell that Carlota is undergoing her 4 month leap/growth spurt.  She is becoming more of a little girl and less of a newborn.  As much as I’m loving watching her grow and conquer all these milestones it makes me sentimental to think my baby won’t be my little baby forever.

Carlota has finally perfected the roll over and likes to do it all the time.  She won’t stay laying on her back for long, and quickly moves to her favorite tummy time position.  She is much more able to amuse herself on her play mat and with her toys.  This also means that she has graduated from sleeping all swaddled up to using her sleep sack.  She is still working on mastering this transition.

She loves chewing on our fingers and toys.  She is in full teething mode already.  Carlota is starting to be interested in what we are eating and drinking.  She loves to talk to us and complain and make bubbles.  She still hates the car and car seat, but has started to like the stroller.

Thankfully Carlota is still a mama’s girl….I’m hoping to keep that up forever!!

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Romper:  Old Navy


First week back to work

During my younger years, when summer vacation was over and it was time to go back to school I always had mixed emotions.  I was partly excited to see my friends and classmates and to see what the new year would bring, but I was also sad that my carefree summer days were over.  Going back to work this week brought back similar feelings.

I must say I love what I do, and feel such a satisfaction helping people through dentistry.  I’ve invested many years (9 to be exact) in schooling and specialty training in my field, but it has been a passion of mine for longer than that.  A part of me was itching to go back and get into my groove.  I feel alive when I’m working on a big case and giving someone a smile they have always dreamed of.  The other part of me….the new part of me, is a wreck leaving my little bean.

I’ve never understood the love a mother has for her child until Carlota was born.  I’ve always known my parents love me and would do anything for me, but I just never realized how deep that love truly is.  I could sit for hours just staring at her and feel completely fulfilled (for someone who can never sit still, this is CRAZY talk!!)  Thankfully for my sanity I am going back part-time for the time being.  Three days a week.  Carlota has started Daycare and is such a champ.  Her teachers say she is adjusting perfectly.  She is taking the bottle, sleeping in her crib, and making friends.  I know she is in great hands but thinking of her spending such long hours without me makes me so heartbroken.  Today we have the day together and I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to soak up every second.  I guess the time apart has really made me realize to stop and cherish all the precious moments we have together.  I’m sure this transition will get easier….at least I hope so.

What have been your experiences with going back to work or not post baby??

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Dress:  BUMPstyle box Tees by Tina //

Jacket: BB Dakota (Similar here and here)

Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff


Welcome to With Love… Andrea

janot andrea


Hi Friends!!!

I am so happy to finally be starting this exciting adventure.  Welcome to my blog!!!  This blog will consist mostly of fashion posts but I will also want to share my life with you.  Since most of my life consist of Dentistry I thought why not give advice to my readers from a Dentist.  If there is anything you have questions about please feel free to ask.  If there is any topic you would like me to cover as well, let me know.

I am so happy to be supported by my loving family and friends with this adventure.

My old Instagram name was @4loveoffashion but I will change it now to @withloveandrea, please feel free to follow me along there as well!!!

With Love…