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I can’t believe I’m approaching my 3rd Mothers Day.  I remember March 26th 2015 so vividly… if it was yesterday.   The day my life changed, and I became a mother.

No one prepares you for motherhood.  You think you now what you’re getting yourself into…but until you experience it first hand you really have no idea.  I knew I was going to love my daughter, but I didn’t expect this kind of overwhelming love.  I knew days would be tough and tantrums would happen; but I didn’t realize how much guilt I would feel if I got upset or frustrated because of it.  I knew I wouldn’t have as much time for myself, but I didn’t foresee that it would take me an extra hour to leave the house everyday.

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions.  Some days you have your ups, and others your downs.  As much as I’m teaching Carlota about the world she’s inspiring me to be the best person I can be.  Motherhood has made me re-evaluate my priorities and how I view life.    That there is no such thing as perfection, we are all human.

I have met some wonderful mamas along this journey.  Since Mother’s day is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share our Motherhood Mottos along with a Mommy & Me Giveaway.  What a great way to come back to the blog from my little hiatus.  What are some of your Motherhood Mottos?

With Love,


2016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0312016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0372016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0332016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0412016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0282016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0252016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0422016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_0392016_06_13_usaflag_andrea_carlota_029Motherhood-2“Your greatest contribution to this world may not be necessarily what you do, but someone you raise. Changing the world starts with within your household.” – Hannah of Brave Blonde

“Motherhood isn’t about having a picture perfect home with spotless floors & perfect little ones running around… Motherhood is about loving on your crying baby at 3am, changing the millionth dirty diaper, & enjoying the sweet and very real moments that come along with being a mama… I’m just enjoying the journey of motherhood because these babies of ours sure won’t be little like this for long.” – Kasey of Thee Girl in Yellow

“For me, being a mama is all about doing whatever it takes. Whether it’s figuring out how to survive with a baby who doesn’t sleep, or balancing work and motherhood, we all have to do what works best for our babies and our families. We are all doing the best we can, and no one is ever going to agree with everything you do (and that’s ok!). You do you mama!” – Lindsay of Middle of Somewhere

“Motherhood for me is complete selflessness. I’m not the focus, my children are. Motherhood is all about never giving up the struggle. It’s a struggle everyday but a beautiful and fulfilling one. When you tell yourself never to give up that’s when the real beauty of a mom is shown. We fight the good fight of surviving the hard days and the good days. It’s the only job in the world I never want to quit!” – Alia of Little Mrs. Priss

“Motherhood is a personal journey that looks different for everyone. It’s important for women to learn what their core beliefs are so they can incorporate them into their parenting style + daily routine. My motherhood motto is find who you are as a mom and be that, everyone else is already taken. Find your top 5 parenting values, thrive on those and don’t fret too much about the rest.” – Lindsey of Lindsey Lee & Co

“My motherhood motto is support and patience. It’s about allowing your tiny human to find their own way, while guiding them down the right path. Then to not lose your “you know what” when they don’t make the right choice.” – Megan of The Fashionista Momma

“Motherhood is a marathon not a sprint. I’ve learned to just do the best I can and to not be so hard on myself. There is no such thing as a perfect mom.” – Andrea of With Love… Andrea

“For me, motherhood is about balance, grace, and love. Raising tiny humans is so hard and not at all glamorous, but it is also beautiful, amazing, and so rewarding. At the end of the day you just have to see the beauty in it all, give yourself grace, and embrace it. Amidst all the chaos, motherhood is a joyous journey.” Jessica of Mama Essentials

“Motherhood in the last two years has taught me strengths I didn’t know I had, fears I didn’t know I could have, but most of all a love that I didn’t know existed!! Motherhood is a wild and crazy ride that I feel so blessed to experience.” – Kayla from A Darling Dream

“Motherhood is so many things, but the one word that encompasses it all for me is selfless. A mothers life is dedicated to loving and raising her children, often with little concern for herself. It is a crazy, fun, busy journey and there is nothing that has brought me more happiness in my life than my children.” – Kaycee from Cordially, Kaycee

“I’ve only been a mom now for two years, but it has been the best two years of my life so far. Everyone always tells you when you’re pregnant that your life is going to change once a baby comes, and it does, but for the better. You see this little person that you created growing each day and experiencing things for the first time and it brings you an indescribable joy to your life. Being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve done so far, but it is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I’ve had moments in my life where I wasn’t sure if I wanted a child, and now that I have one I can’t imagine not being able to experience such a crazy type of love for someone. Does becoming a parent change your life? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” – Sarah from Sew Sarah R

“Motherhood to me is trying to be present in the wonderful moments + the chaotic moments. Whether you’re present or not, time will slip right through your fingers. #YouHaveMyWholeHeartForMyWholeLife” – Stefanie from What’s Up Buttarcup



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Jord Watches

Who else struggles with getting that perfect, unique gift for their significant others?  This year is even more challenging for me.  Most of my time is spent chasing a toddler around, and trying to make her holidays special.  I’m really looking forward to Christmas.  This will  be our first year celebrating in Los Angeles and hosting our family Christmas Day.  I can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning at home, see the joy in Carlota’s eyes as the tree is filled with presents and the day is filled with family and love.

My husband has always had a thing for watches.  It’s been so hard to get one for him since he’s also very particular.  When I came across JORD, I knew this would be a perfect gift for the man that is so hard to shop for.  He definitely didn’t have a watch that was remotely similar.  I went with the Conway series in Walnut and Jet Black.  This watch has a classic design with modern detailing…the perfect mix for my hubs.  What’s your perfect combo??

If you follow this Giveaway link you can get $25 off your purchase.  The contest will close December 25th at 11:59pm. The $25 code will expire on February 28th, 2017.  If you order in the next few hours you can get free express shipping and receive your watch before Christmas!!  

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Watch:  Conway Series JORD


Our New York Adventures + GIVEAWAY

Fall in the city is my favorite, and it was just as magical as I remembered it.  The weather couldn’t have been better and it was perfect for exploring the city with Carlota.  My husband and I were nervous about our first flight with her.  Would we be that couple with the baby that won’t stop crying?!  Not to mention….how many bags would we need to take with us for a 4 day trip?  Do we bring our large stroller….get an umbrella stroller….the list went on and on.  We knew we needed to pack as light as we could but also be able to walk around the city with everything we needed for Carlota.  We packed her diaper bag with only the essentials, brought our Bugaboo stroller and Ergo Carrier, and it was the perfect option for us.  Thank goodness she was a perfect angel on the flight.  She slept for take off and landing and was happy for most of the trip.  She gets a little fussy when we sit down with her for too long so a couple of trips along the isles were the magic touch.

We walked all over Manhattan and even ventured to the underground for her first Subway ride.  The New York subway line is not really made for strollers and babies, but we managed.  I’d have to say Carlota’s favorite was Central Park.  We put her in the leaves for photos and she was having so much fun playing and eating them.  I enjoyed exploring and walking around the city with my family.

I loved being able to wear my boots and fall layers without needing to be bundled up.  Thankfully we brought the cooler weather back to LA.   What are your favorite places to visit in the city?

IMG_0675 IMG_0437

IMG_0711 IMG_0498 IMG_0752 IMG_0522

Jacket:  All Saints (Similar here and here) //

Tee:  Brandy Melville (Similar here and here) //

Jeans:  J Brand //

Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Less expensive here and here) //


Vest: Gap on sale //

Shirt:  Carters (Similar here) //
IMG_0807 IMG_0719 IMG_0900

Jacket:  All Saints (Similar here and here) //

Sweater:  J Crew (Similar here and here) //

Shirt:  Equipment old (Similar here and here) //

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind //

BootsStuart Weitzman (Less expensive here and here) //

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Shop the Mint – Giveaway

While a majority of you may be enjoying the crisp air and the warm charming colors of fall, here in LA we are embracing the beautiful sunshine on the beach.  As much as I wish it was a little cooler, I really can’t complain.  I love my days spent with the babe.  Mondays are Mommy and Carlota time and they are my favorite.  We run on our own schedule and always seem to be on the go.  I cherish these little moments we have together.

I’m going to take full advantage of matching outfits while I still can.  Before you know it, she’ll be dressing herself and matching with her mama will be the last thing she’ll want to do.  Today was all about stripes.  I love a good stripped tee, and think I own a handful in my closet.  Such a perfect layering piece.  When I saw this dress at Mint Julep Boutique I knew it would be a perfect staple in my closet.  Chic yet simple….my style moto.

I’m excited to have teamed up with The Mint Julep Boutique to give one of my readers a $25 gift card to their store.  If you subscribe to their mailing list you get an additional $10 off your purchase.  They have really great pieces at reasonable prices. You can get my dress and the others I linked for less than $10 if you win.

IMG_03632015_09_28_Santa Monica_With Love Andrea_Print-252015_09_28_Santa Monica_With Love Andrea_Print-27FullSizeRender-10

On Carlota:

Dress: Batela (Similar here, herehere and here) // 

Shoes:  Freshly picked (love these) //2015_09_28_Santa Monica_With Love Andrea_Print-392015_09_28_Santa Monica_With Love Andrea_Print-34

Dress: The Mint Julep Boutique (Similar here and here) //

Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Similar and less expensive here, here and here) //

Hat:  Lack of Colors (Similar and on sale here) //

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Dr Browns – Giveaway

IMG_0068I’m always on the lookout for great baby products.  One of the first items on my baby registry were my Dr. Brown’s bottles.  Since I had to go back to work part-time after 2 months of maternity leave I knew I needed to get Carlota comfortable with bottle feeding.  When it came time to choosing a brand, I knew Dr. Brown’s natural flow was the one for us. Dr. Brown’s bottles are well known to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. They also help preserve Vitamins C, A, E and lipids, key ingredients for a healthy development. Something I learned is that their vacuum-free feeding helps digestion and the fully vented bottle design is the closest to breastfeeding.

Thankfully Carlota has taken to these bottles with ease.  I’ve been so happy with their bottles that I was excited to venture out and try some of their other products.

Carlota is a teething monster and will chew on my fingers any chance she gets.  This girl is not gentle when it comes to finger chewing, so finding alternatives are on the top of my priority list.  Thankfully she loves the Watermelon Coolees Soothing Teether, by Dr. Brown’s.  Designed by a Pediatric Dentist and approved by little Miss Sunshine.  It’s a two thumbs up from me.

I am also very excited about these wipes because anyone with a little one knows how often they are needed.  Carlota is constantly dropping her chew toys or pacifier.  When you are out and about it’s not easy to constantly clean them.  Having wipes in my diaper bag are a lifesaver.  They also make Nose & Face Wipes, and Tooth & Gum Wipes. The best part about all the wipes is that they all contain xylitol.  Being a dentist myself, I know of the importance of this ingredient. Xylitol is a sugar that cavity causing bacteria can’t metabolize.  This means that it helps to reduce the amount of that bacteria in your mouth.  This will be very important for when her teeth start to come in.  I always recommend xylitol candies or gum to chew after meals to my patients, especially if they are at a high risk for cavities.

I am happy to be partnering up with Dr. Brown’s and offering one of my readers a gift pack of everything pictured here.  This includes a set of Dr Brown’s Natural Flow bottles, a Coolees Soothing Teether, Silicone Pacifiers, Pacifier & Bottle Wipes, Teeth & Gum Wipes, and Nose & Face Wipes.


FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-1

Romper:  Rags to Raches //

Elephant Rug:  Pottery Barn //thumb_IMG_8316_1024To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

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Lalabu baby soothe shirt – Giveaway!!

From the very beginning Carlota has constantly wanted to be in our arms.  This definitely melts my heart and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it also makes it very challenging to get anything done.  Whether it’s at home or on walks, she doesn’t last very long in her rocker or stroller.  When I discovered the soothe shirt I knew this was a must for Carlota and I.

The Lalabu soothe shirt is a nursing tank top with a kangaroo pouch to hold your baby close to your heart.  How genius is this!!  I can walk around keeping Carlota close to me and have my hands free to run errands, eat, do chores etc..  It is so simple, a part of your outfit without having to mess around with wraps and slings.  You can also nurse your baby while they are in the pouch.  This is the perfect gift for any expecting mama.

The soothe shirt was inspired by Lalabu, a mother in Africa, and 2% of all proceeds are donated to moms in Africa.  I love supporting growing companies especially when they are from mommy entrepreneurs.  I have teamed up with Keri, the founder of Lalabu baby, to give one of my readers a lalabu soothe shirt of their own.


To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

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Your chance to enter starts today June 29th and will close Friday July 3rd at midnight PST.


**The winner was randomly selected and is @kyrsteen_web from an instagram entry**


Cover me Poncho Giveaway

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to breastfeed Carlota.  Throughout my pregnancy I kept hearing how much of a challenge it can be, especially for first time moms.  I read about problems getting the baby to latch correctly, not enough milk supply, nipple pain etc..  I even took a class in my third trimester to get myself prepared.   When I started nursing Carlota we quickly fell into our rhythm and routine, until we started venturing out into the real world.  No one mentions the challenges of feeding when you are out of the confines of your home.  Newborns feed ALL THE TIME!!  In my classes they mentioned nursing your baby 6-8 times daily….that was an understatement for us.  Carlota feeds every 1.5-2 hrs.  I needed to get comfortable nursing in public and quickly.  Initially this was something that would stress me out or make me feel nervous.  I am so thankful for products such as Cover me Ponchos which have helped make breastfeeding in public simple and convenient.

I keep my poncho with me at all times. This way I don’t have to worry if my outfit of the day is breastfeeding friendly.  I just plop on my poncho and I’m always good to go.  The best part about it, is that it’s very versatile.  It can be worn as a maternity/postpartum cover, scarf, used as a blanket for the baby and my other favorite use is as a car seat cover.

Most of the time when Carlota’s in the stroller, she’s in her car seat.  The poncho acts like the perfect cover.  I prefer it to a blanket or swaddle because it doesn’t fly off when you hit a gust of wind, and with the opening on the top, you have easy access to keep an eye on your little one.

I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Mariah from Cover me Ponchos to give one lucky reader a poncho of their choice.  For those of you that don’t win we will give you 10% off your purchase with code: Andrea

IMG_7810 IMG_7817FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-6

To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

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Your chance to enter starts today June 15th and will close Friday June 19th at midnight PST.


 The winner was randomly selected and is Kristen.  Please email me to claim your prize.  Thank you to all who entered!!


Freshly picked – Giveaway


As soon as I saw these sweet little moccasins I knew I needed to have them for baby Carlota.  Before baby girl was even born, my husband and I were obsessed with baby shoes.  Something about seeing shoes we loved in a tiny size…we were sold instantly!  How cute are these little mocs with those chubby legs…..definitely irresistible.

Once my husband saw Susan and Freshly Picked featured on Shark Tank he wanted a pair for Carlota as well.

I was initially attracted to the brand by the cuteness of the moccs.  They come in so many different colors and patterns they can suit any outfit.  I knew I wanted to have a little mini me fashionista so these shoes were a must.  It wasn’t until I had baby girl that I realized how great they are.

Anyone with a newborn knows that as soon as you put socks on them, they are off in about 5 minutes….if you’re lucky.  She is moving like crazy when she’s awake, kicking her legs all over the place. That’s why these moccs are a gem.  They are made with an elastic at the ankle to keep them in place for your active baby.  They start from newborn size all the way up to toddler.  She still needs to grow into these moccasins so I’m happy we have some time with them.

I can’t wait until she’s walking to really put them to use.  But please don’t grow up too fast baby Carlota, mommy wants to soak in every second with you 🙂

I am excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Freshly Picked to give one of my readers a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins of your choice. (Open to US residents only.)



To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

1)  Comment below and let me know which color you would like to win.

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Your chance to enter starts today May 21st and will close Monday May 25th at midnight PST.

****  Unfortunately this is open to US residents only. You will not be eligible if you have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the past 60 days. ****


 The Winner is Kaitlyn from the Birdsnest Blog!!  Please contact me to claim your prize!!BlackSignature_FreeStyleScript_18

doTERRA Hollystic Oils – GIVEAWAY


I’m always looking for natural remedies. Since the start of my pregnancy, I’ve become more aware of what I’m putting into my body and trying to use more natural products. Recently I’ve heard a lot about essential oils helping with many ailments and I knew I wanted to give them a try. With hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and healing from labor, what better time to start than during postpartum care.

Essential oils are natural oils found in many different plants. These oils have been found to have therapeutic benefits such as: antibacterial, anti-cancerous, antioxidant, stress relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential Oils can be used aromatically or topically. I normally place the diluted oils topically as needed to the bottoms of my feet, wrists, or back of my neck.

Since I am new to essential oils and their benefits I found it helpful working with Holly, a wellness advocate from doTERRA. She was able to recommend oils that were catered specifically to my needs.  She knew exactly what combinations I should use for postpartum care. I am very thankful I found her and so far have had a great experience with the oils.


One of the blends she prepared is the Happy Mom blend. It’s a mix of fractionated coconut oil, balance blend, elevation blend, frankincense, and wild orange essential oil. This blend will help promote hormonal balance, calming and sleep, and stress and anxiety. So far I have been feeling great. I am definitely tired and trying to nap as much as I can since my little angel wakes me up every 2 hours.

Holly also prepared a calm baby blend. I can’t wait to try it on her. It is recommended that I wait until she’s 3 months old. Hopefully this will help her sleep through the nights in a few months. I’m keeping hopeful with my fingers crossed.


Holly and I would like to give away a doTERRA introductory kit (which includes Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Wild Orange, and Fractionated Coconut Oil) and a Happy Blend to one my wonderful readers.


To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is:

1)  Leave a comment and let me know why you would like to win or what other natural remdies do you use

2)  For an additional entry you can follow my blog by email or on bloglovin etc..  let me know in your comment that you have done that

3)  For a 3rd entry follow me @withloveandrea and @hollystic_oils on Instagram and follow the instructions posted there.

Your chance to enter starts today April 21th and will close Friday April 24th at midnight PST.

Thank you for reading and good luck!!!

Winner was selected:  Heather @hmbuckley you are the winner!!!!

Please email me to claim your prize!!

Thank you to all who participated and follow this journey with me!!


4 Moms RockaRoo Giveaway!!!

I can’t believe I’m already 37.5 weeks along with my pregnancy.  This means I have less than 3 weeks until baby girl arrives.  So much to do and so little time.  Not to mention who knows when she will decide to make her debut.  She could decide to come early or stay warm and cozy in her little nest for a few days past her due date.

As much as I’m excited to meet her, I still want her to bake a little longer in my belly.  I still need to get the final touches done with the nursery, make sure to pack that perfect hospital bag and get the house completely organized and clean.  Not to mention I have patients to tend to and get all stable before I’m on maternity leave for 2 months.  Thinking about all of this makes me exhausted.

Thankfully I have all the necessities needed to care for my little angel when she decides to arrive.  One of which is the rockaRoo by 4 moms.  I know the first month after baby girl arrives will be very challenging and exhausting.  I have heard that it is very helpful to have a swing or rocker to help sooth your baby.  The rockaRoo is just that.  It moves with a gliding motion at 5 speeds with 1/3 the size of traditional swings.  Not to mention its super light so you can take it with you wherever you are around the house. Your newborn never has to leave your side.  I know this will be perfect for me when my family and guests leave and I’m home alone with baby girl.


This product had been on my registry from the very beginning and I am so happy to finally have one and to have the opportunity to give one away to one of you as well.

To enter into this giveaway all you need to do is :

1)  Comment below and let me know why you would like to win.

2) For an additional entry you can follow my blog by email or on bloglovin etc..  let me know in your comment that you have done that

3) For a 3rd entry follow me @withloveandrea and @4moms_hq on instagram and follow the instructions posted there.

Your chance to enter starts today March 11th and will close Saturday March 14th at midnight PST.