Studs and stripes

The weather here in LA has been all over the place.  A couple weeks ago it was scorching hot, while this past week its been cooler.  Since I still can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts, I’m happy to have the milder weather and continue with my maternity jeans!!  These are definitely a must in pregnancy investments for sure!!  I started wearing them as soon as I hit my second trimester and I’m continuing into the 4th trimester.  I may even have to pull them out during the holidays such as Thanksgiving….stretchy pants to the max.

I am refusing to purchase new clothes until I have reached a weight/size that I am comfortable with.  I’m hoping to go back to my pre-pregnancy size so that I don’t have to get an entirely new wardrobe.  I will be working with what I’ve got in my closet until then.

Today’s look is simple with black, stripes and ripped jeans.  I’ve been obsessed with stripes lately. I wear them a couple times a week for sure.  It’s a great pattern to layer, and adds a little volume to any look.  Another way I spruce up my outfit is by adding accessories.  Today I chose these boots as the finishing touch.  The gold stud detail definitely makes them stand out.  When one piece has a lot of detail, I like to keep the rest of the look neutral.  Sometimes when you have too many stand out pieces in one outfit you can look a little clownish.  Less is sometimes more!!



Sweater:  Banana Republic old (Similar here and here)

Shirt:  Banana Republic old (Similar here and here)

Jeans:  Genetic Denim (Non-maternity here)

Purse: Chanel

Boots:  Chloe  (Similar here)



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