third trimester

Spring is in the air!!

I’m in my last month of pregnancy and it’s starting to really hit home that baby girl could be here any day now!! I have such mixed feelings.  I’m so excited for her arrival and to finally meet our little angel.  I’m eager to finally start getting back to my pre-pregnancy figure and wear regular clothes.  I’m thrilled that our life will be full of love and excitement, but also scared of all the changes.  A part of me will be sad to no longer have my baby bump and my little girl so close to my heart.  I am one of those people that is petrified of change!!

In less than a few short weeks it will no longer be just my husband and I.  It’s been just the two of us (and Pinxo, our Boston Terrier) for 7 years. We have our routine, and it’s about to be shaken-up.  I don’t know what to expect, but I do know it will be one of the greatest changes of my life.  I know that as soon as I hold our baby girl in my arms, all my fears will go out the window.

These photos were a part of my Maternity photo shoot.  I can’t wait to finally start sharing all those photos with you.  Throughout my pregnancy I have been such an advocate of maternity jeans as a wardrobe staple.  They are so comfortable and let you feel “normal” when all you want to wear are sweats or leggings.  This is especially true in your 3rd Trimester.  Having a pair of colored jeans, especially in the spring and summer is my favorite.  Its a great way to spruce up a look.  These mint Jeans from Motherhood Maternity have been a great piece in my maternity wardrobe.  I love the color, fit and not to mention they are super comfortable!

IMG_9223 IMG_9366 IMG_9422 IMG_9242 IMG_9393 IMG_9378

IMG_9337 IMG_9332 IMG_9289

Shirt: Wendy Bellissimo (Non-maternity here and here) //

Denim:  Motherhood Maternity (Non-maternity here and here) //

Espadrilles: Chanel (Similar here and here ) //

Bag: Celine //


Isabella Oliver Maternity

My bump style has evolved over the past nine months of pregnancy.  Starting out as a jeans and button down kinda girl, I’m moving towards favoring dresses especially now that I’m approaching the end of my third trimester.  There is nothing like a figure hugging dress while pregnant.  I must say that I feel my sexiest when I’m wearing one.

In the past, when I was having a “fat” day I would avoid horizontal stripes and tight clothing like the plague.  It almost seems like a contradiction…wearing a tight dress when you’re at your largest.  When you’re pregnant all those rules go out the window.  This is a time when a woman should embrace her curves because its such a beautiful time in her life.

This Isabella Oliver dress is perfect.  It fits in all the the right places and has the perfect length.  I find that when I am trying to squeeze into some of my non-maternity dresses they start to ride up and become a little too risqué.  What used to be an appropriate length is now a mini skirt that may not be suitable for a mama-to-be running errands.  The best part is that this dress can totally be worn postpartum as well.  How perfect is that.

I love the neutral colors and simple striped pattern of the dress.  I kept the look chic and casual by adding a hat and Converse and keeping my jewelry minimal.  Lately I have been living in my sneakers since my feet and ankles have decided to swell like crazy!!  One of those pregnancy side effects that has come to haunt me.

IMG_6526 IMG_6527

You can see my swollen ankles pretty clearly here!! hehe  Not my most flattering photo.  What has been your worst pregnancy side effect?

IMG_6530Dress:  Isabella Oliver //

Hat:  Revolve //

Shoes:  Converse //


My 30 weeks of pregnancy!!

I haven’t really written a blog post about my pregnancy, other than my fashion choices.  I constantly look to other pregnant bloggers to see weekly updates of how they are feeling and what changes they are going through.  I decided it was time to share with you all my journey thus far!!


I am pretty thankful as I have had a fairly easy pregnancy. During the first trimester I felt nauseous a handful of times but nothing that made me run to the washroom. I was constantly tired, but was still functioning at work without a hitch. The funniest part of my first trimester was that I developed an aversion to coffee. The thought and smell of it made me sick. This was actually perfect because it kicked my morning coffee habit in the butt.

Throughout the entire pregnancy I have been able to continue with crossfit. My husband and I have been going to SpeedX for about 2 years now and I was determined to keep up with my fitness. As the pregnancy progresses, I am modifying the workouts to suit my comfort level and growing bump. I am also trying to take walks with my little pup as much as I can.

As I entered in my second trimester I was so excited. This was the point where I could share the news with all my friends and family and was when the pregnancy felt more “real”. I started to develop my little bump. It was so exciting to finally start seeing and feeling the little being that was growing inside me. They say the second trimester is the best out of them all….I would agree only slightly. Around week 15 I started breaking out. Having suffered from Acne previously and finally getting things under control this was hard for me to endure knowing there was really nothing I could do or use to make it better. Thankfully as the weeks progressed and my hormones regulated I have noticed a significant improvement.  I began going for facials regularly, and I believe this played a large factor in the improvement.

During these months I have also started to gain a significant amount of weight. I guess I had always envisoned myself as one of those pregnant ladies that is all bump….thats not happening.  I have already gained 30 lbs at 30 weeks.  This is the recommended weight gain for the entire pregnancy and I still have 10 weeks to go.  As long as I’m providing a good, healthy nurturing home for baby girl I have to stop being selfish and get over it.


I cant believe I’m in the final lap of pregnancy. These past couple of weekends have been all about getting all the necessities for baby girls arrival.  So much to do and only a few more weeks left.  We finally decided on pieces for the nursery.  I can’t wait to start putting it all together!! I know we are kind of late….but I guess the third trimester just kind of snuck up on us.  I am counting down the weeks until I get to meet her, but am also trying to enjoy the last few weeks of quality alone time with my husband.


Seraphine Maternity

I am now officially in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy.  Where has the time gone?  Only 10 weeks left and so much to do!!  I will write all about how pregnancy has been for me so far in an upcoming blog post.  Today is all about Seraphine Maternity.  Now that my belly is growing by the second, even my oversized shirts are starting to be fitted or even too small.  Maternity clothing is becoming more of a necessity as the days pass.


I had recently come across Seraphine Maternity online and was so excited.  To all the moms or pregnant readers, you know that finding good maternity clothing is not that easy.  Prior to my pregnancy I could walk into a store and always find something I love….not a talent my husband appreciates.  When it comes to dressing my bump it has definitely been more of a challenge.  I think I try on 10 outfits a day before I find a look that makes me feel confident.  Finding those staple maternity pieces have been my lifesaver.  Some of the most fashionable celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Kate Middleton have been seen wearing Seraphine Maternity.

IMG_5975 IMG_5976

This season I have been all about the poncho or cape…so I couldn’t help but gravitate towards this beauty.  I love the cut and grey trim detail.  The front zipper and buckle make it versatile.  Its that perfect piece to throw over any outfit, or wear it as the main attraction as I did here.

I paired the poncho with dainty jewelry, distressed denim and Valentino rockstuds.  I’m always a firm believer that less is more.

IMG_5977 IMG_5978

Poncho:  Seraphine Maternity currently on sale //

Jeans:  Genetic denim //

Shoes:  Valentino Rockstuds //