Peek – A BOO

Happy Halloween!!  After our visit to the Pumpkin Patch we were in the festive spirit at the Pi-Henderson household.  I knew we needed to get photos of Carlota in her first Halloween costume, and ended up having a full fledge festive photo shoot. Using the pumpkins we brought home from the patch, some festive candles and a smoke machine….we were all set.  Pinxo (our Boston Terrier) didn’t want to be left out; so out came his pumpkin costume and the final puzzle piece was in place.

Carlota was so excited for these pictures.  She was chatting away and sitting so still for the camera.  As long as we had her chew bead necklace and the little pumpkins she was a happy little camper.  Carlota is in the phase of putting everything  in her mouth and chewing on it.  The invention of “Chewllery” has been a lifesaver.  We got ours from Two Brothers and Olivia and Carlota just loves it.  Their necklaces are made using 100% food grade silicone beads, BPA free and FDA approved and organic juniper and apple wood.  They have many different styles. (You can receive free shipping with Code ANDREA.)

 Although Carlota was pretty festive in this outfit, it is not her Halloween costume.  I can’t wait to get her all dressed for her first Halloween with her friends.  What will you dress up as?


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Photos by Audra Arbas Photography

Onsie:  A gift (Similar and on sale here, here and here) //

Shoes:  Old Navy //

Bow: Salt Cities

Chewllery:  Two Brothers and Olivia // Free shipping with code ANDREA



  1. i can’t believe how beautiful your daughter is!!!! when i was looking at her photos, i just wanted to pinch and kiss her chubby cheeks!!! amazing photos, Miss Andrea, and thank you again for including my owl chewellry, it looks lovely in the photos, the photographer did a good job, thank you!!! happy halloween girls!!!


  2. Andrejko,
    I love your little Carlota, She is absolutely adorable. I could imaging all the fun you guys are having.
    All the best to you all,
    Helga and Randy from Rich. Hill, On.


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