Months 5 & 6 with Carlota

My baby girl is half a year old.  Looking back at the days I first brought her home I can’t believe how much she’s grown.  Every day I’m learning more and more about this little bundle of joy and I can’t get enough.

Month 5

This little girl is such a character and social butterfly.  She is so happy when we are surrounded by other babies and children.  At daycare, I’m told she’s always observing her classmates with curious eyes.  When we pick her up at the end of the day, she always has the biggest smile that just melts our hearts.

Carlota has found her feet and is constantly playing with them and putting them in her mouth.  Actually she’s putting just about anything she sees into her mouth.  Exploring the world through tastes and textures.  She’s started to want whatever her mama’s having.  When I’m drinking my morning Soy lattes she’s desperately wanting a sip.  Thankfully she hasn’t mastered the use of the straw yet, so I let her chew on the end and she’s very happy to be sharing with me.

Carlota has started squeeling and saying “bababa”.  She’s exploring her voice.  I’m looking forward to the day she starts to connect the sounds with words.

I’m so thankful to be so close to my little angel.  No words can express the bond I feel with her.  She is currently a mama’s girl and I’m going to cherish every second of this.  I may even remind her of this in a few years (hehe).  In the evenings when she’s starting to get tired from a long day nothing beats being in Mama’s arms.

IMG_8091IMG_8092 IMG_8098 IMG_8104 IMG_8109 IMG_8111

Dress:  Rock your baby (Similar here and here)

Teddy Bear:  Bla Bla kids (others here, and here)

6 Months

Month 6

This has been a big month of transitions for this little bean.  She’s eating foods, starting to crawl, and taking swimming lessons.  So many huge milestones in one short month.  Carlota loves getting on her hands and knees and even almost into plank position.  She is shimmying around and learning to use her arms and legs to get to that toy she’s eyeing.  She’s almost in full fledge crawling mode, so its definitely time we baby proof the home.  I think we’re in denial our little pumpkin is no longer a newborn.

This month we started Carlota on solid foods.  The faces she makes when she tries a food for the first time is priceless.  Most of the time she really isn’t a fan, and is sure to let us know.  She spits out what she does’t like and will refuse to take more bites.  Currently the two foods she likes and will happily eat, are avocados and yams.  Let’s hope she gets over this phase and starts to like a wider variety of foods.

In September, Carlota officially started swim lessons.  She’s such a water baby.  She loves playing in the water with both her mom and dad and is a splashing machine.  She plays with the toys in the water, kicks along, loves when we make bubbles and constantly splashing.  It’s such a special time we get to have as a family.

Both of us are Dentists so its no wonder baby girl is already using her toothbrush.  She’s still toothless but getting an early start to her oral hygiene.  We couldn’t be more proud.  At the moment her toothbrush is one of her favorite toys…..let’s hope we can keep it that way.



Bow:  Janie and Jack (Similar here)

Jumper: Neck & Neck (Similar here, here and here

I can’t believe its been half a year with this beautiful being by our side.  I can’t wait to experience the next 6 months with her.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us.



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