Expecting our first child!!

This is such an exciting post for me as the time has come to announce the thrilling news.  My husband and I are expecting our first child! We are delighted and nervous all at the same time. I’m currently 14 and a half weeks and feeling good.

photo 2

The first trimester was pretty easy for me in the morning sickness department.  I felt a bit nauseous occasionally but was never real sick.  My appetite increased and I felt like I just wanted to eat… and I did! Anything and everything in sight (I lost that filter telling me I was full).  I had acid reflux, heart burn and was constantly exhausted.  I kept looking online for blogs and websites of other pregnant women sharing their experiences and this motivated me to start my own blog, and share my experiences with you (in addition to my passion for fashion.)

The hardest thing for me so far in the first trimester has been the weight gain and my clothes not fitting.  It’s such an awkward stage because you don’t have a bump and it seems a little crazy to purchase maternity clothes, but most of my pants were not fitting.  I quickly found the belly band and the belly belt.  These were saviors for me.  I also realized that now is the time to update my wardrobe and start wearing more dresses.  You will read about that in my next blog post!


Thank you for sharing during this exciting time with me. I look forward to posting my maternity wardrobe and exciting updates and information I get along the way.

With Love….



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